We’re here to help you shine

3 Minutes:

That’s all it takes for you to pull up to our wash, drive through a series of soaps, foams, water and jets, and drive away spotless. Sure, it’s a car wash, but why can’t we make those 3 minutes the best ones you spend in your car?

That’s where the magic comes in

At Drip Drop, we use only clean filtered water, only gentle non-toxic cleansers, and only smart tech to wash your car. From the free vacuums and towels to our Unlimited wash plans, we’re in the business of helping you (and your car) shine brighter.

Our Wash Tunnel

We’re proud to be car-friendly, people-friendly and planet-friendly.

We use state-of-the-art tunnel technology to keep cars moving through the wash as efficiently as possible. Our soaps, cleansers and waxes are specially formulated to keep your car cleaner (and shinier) for longer. The jets leave your car with a spotless, streak-free shine.

But we don’t just help keep your car clean; we help keep the planet clean too. Our wash is designed to conserve and reuse water whenever possible, all while preventing harmful chemicals from running off into the environment.